At Thai Quality Harvest Co., Ltd ("TQHCL") we are committed to providing high quality  products. We meticulously understand and implement the quality certifications to ensure the safety of our end consumers.

Thai Quality Harvest is about meeting the needs and expectations of customer. We really emphasize on quality because we believe that good quality helps determine our success.

The following are the Quality certifications that we offer:



Good Manufacturing Practice is a system to ensure that products meet safety, quality and legal requirements.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a systematic approach to prevent food safety hazards that may occur during production.


A food label is stamped Halal if the contents of the food conform with Muslim dietary laws. The meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the Islamic law.



Thai Origin

This certification refers to that product was made in the Kingdom of Thailand. 



Further certifications are available on request